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I'm 99% sure you can't take it home, but I don't do it. I have them pick it up or I deliver it. My kitchen has a lobby for the customers to meet me in.
I love your site! I wish mine was as pretty and clean as yours! Lol
Thank you! That makes it simple. I swear any other math is simple but when it comes to percentages I just don't get it lol. Thanks again!
So I called my state liquor control board and they said I need to mail a letter saying how much alcohol (%) I think will be in the frosting if I wanted to make a frosting with alcohol.She said the limit is 1% or less by weight.Can anyone help me with this? I am great at converting recipes and math but when it comes to alcohol percentages I get confused. Do I have to take into account alcohol percent (like hard liquor is more than wine) or is it purely 1% by weight?Thanks!
I like royal icing and love fondant. Never heard of color flow.
I am sorry. My intention wasn't to put anyone down who bakes in an apartment. It isn't legal here. That's all I meant The lady I mentioned specifically lived in an apartment. But I meant anyone baking illegally in their home.
Hi Sugar Fairy - I pay $250 per month for 40 hours that I can use whenever I want. The kitchen is 24/7 and I have a key code to get in. There isn't too many people so coming and going as you please is not an issue except on the weekends when it's busier.
Mine basically said the same thing. He said "What I wonder about though is the customers? Why would they buy a cake from someone in an apartment? ANd if someone got sick they'd be in huge trouble" So unless a CUSTOMER reports it or says they got sick, they won't do anything.
Great story. And best of luck to the OP as well! Love your bowling cake!
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