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Thanks fot the information!I've done the GBC as well. It is so nice and rich. Do you use BC or IMBC as a base for the curstard?I remember a Dutch cheff telling here to heat the custard to 185 F. Someting about cooking the floor for optimum binding?.. But stil not shell stable.
I like my IMBC as well. It 's so good. Recently I put in my thermometer in de meringuecreme for checking the temperature, after pouring in de sugarsyrup of 249 F. My thermometer only said 140, but the problem is that the machine already had been mixing the syrup into the eggs, so probable the temperature at the precise point of adding the two ingredients together was way up higher. But how do you now for sure?
Do I understand well? You mean you put raw cornstarch in the buttercream?
You make me feel sad SCP1127.. I visited every store in the area normal consumers can go to ( I don't have excess to a wholesaler) and there is just no normal cakeflour here.. I did found pastryflour, but still not the same.. But then.. I live in buttercountry.. I can choose from 10 brands of excellent butter. You do the cake, I'll do the IMBC, o.k?
I am listening with astonishment. I suppose it is quite a cultural difference. I am not from the USA. I would feel very sorry for the kid, give him a place in my house. Afterwards just wash my hands and do some cleaning.I have a daytime job (not as a baker) where I meet patients all day. When one is clearly sick, I just wash my hands and go on to the next oppointment. Never became ill, at least less then an average person.And than: Children are part of my live. They grow...
Welcome to the forum!I'am a newbie myself. What sort of recipes are you looking for, cookies, sweets, cakes, dessert, or meals? From wich country are you yourself? USA?
I agree, you can taste the difference. Fresh is best. But I am human too sometimes.. It can need up to 24 hours to thaw.
In an emergency you can use ap and substitute about 15 % cornstarch for apflour.
I use marzipan all the time, because of the taste, but it doesn't work exactly the same as fondant. It doesn't get that firm. And it won't get firmer with tylose.So it is more difficult to hold an arm up high, without intern structure. But it sticks the same way, with water when there is no weight to it, or edible glue if there is weight.
Sorry for your expierence! I don't know if I clearly understand, my English is not the best. But I have frozen some IMBC-cakes, without this accident. I always thaw them in the fridge, covered in a cartonbox. Leaving it outside, it will sweat like you experienced, because the condensationwater, (coming from unfreezing a cold product in a warmer enverinment), sticks to your icing (or fondant) and to much water makes the icing unstable. At least I think that happened.In the...
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