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Adding zest just changes the flavour. That can be nice. But adding as much as the juice of 4 lemons changes the recipe as dramatic as killing it. Sorry.. Adding flour is only adequate when adding all the other ingredients in the same ratio or it also changes the structure.I started baking with just a bit of recipe-knowlegde and made so many mistakes.. You will get better with more practice or more backround reading, whatever suits you. Or posting on CC.. Sorry that...
like vgcea said. photographers own the right on their own pictures.And then.. photographers feel like artist about their work. Some really do make a work of art. You have to aproach them likewise.
I found the site very helpful. Chapter 'ingredients' (for conversions for a specific ingredient) as well as 'conversions' .
Do you have troubles making a sharp edge in your underlying frosting/ buttercream? What do you use? Or just in the fondant?
Thanks for the advise!! I will be looking for this one too. I have the book 'The secrets of baking' by Sherry Yard. She is so good about explaining the science about pastries and adding some beautiful patissery- recipies. She has a full chapter about vanillia sauce. .. but nothing about shimmering milk.. but everything about the eggs and coalgulation.
You don't let it set up in the fridge? For whipping ganache? I do that. It still can take overnigt te make it firm enough to be whipped.
I love IMBC, but it needs an extra flavour. Like vanilla- extract, vanilla paste or some liquer.
I'm in love with strawberry cake as well!Living in strawberrycountry here I can choose from different varieties of strawberries. The difference in taste can be enormous, from just so-so to a real strawberry explosion in your mouth. Lambada is the best imo. How they are picked and distributed is also very important to the taste. The cheaper ones are sometimes picked too early to give more distribution time. Adding some good strawberryliquer can help a long way too. When I...
Making the colors matching certainly helps in the structure. Don´t choose to many colors. It will bring some harmony.Think about sizes. Have them all the same height. Or go ratio-wise.Every thier an other theme. Just some thoughts.
I´have no answer to your question, having had no training in this issue. I only freeze when I have something left and want to treat my family on a other occasion nearby. (I don´t bake for money) I never re-freeze. Never did with any product. I do know stores do it. So there must be circumstances and additives which make it possible. I miss it , not having good information about sustainibility. I think SCP1127 posted something about it 1/ 2 weeks ago. A cake has eggs and...
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