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What a beautifull looking cake! How terrible it is that the guest where not able to eat it. It sounds jummie!What a dissapointment that must be for you. Strange that the caterer cannot distinguish raw from mousse.. Was the mousse actually a good choice for a summerday wedding? What was the recipe? Was it stable enough?I make a mousse made with whipped cream that is not suitable for staying out of the fridge for a long time. So I wouldn't make it for a large cake, wich...
I have a recipe for a soft nougatmousse. Don't know if this is what you're looking for. It has to be kept refridgerated. (when you replace the cream for butter , like making IMBC, you can make a more shelf-stable crème. Sorry for the spelling and wrong words, (translating this with google translate..) 50 g pistachenuts 50 g hazelnuts 125 g shaved (?) almonds 4.5 sheets gelatine 175 g honey 3 eggwhites 1 TBS sugar 300 ml cream 25 g confit (candy?)...
You can make marzipane figures way ahaid. Just take the experation date of your marzipane. It will hardly get any firmer or dry out. Store it covered so it won'tt any dust. Wrapped with soft plastic foil ( I don't know the name) if you want to be sure it won't dry out.
Same here, very irritating..
Offcourse a creambased filling/ frosting must be refridgerated, I do tah t all the time. Forgot to mention that. And cannot last that long.I actually read somewhere that snarkybaker did put a 40% cream in her MBC . I assumed she put in under fondant, but I might be mistaken. You can add a small amount of liquid to your MBC, even under fondant, just not that much. I don't know her ratio.O dear, I am getting unsure now.. was it actually whipped cream or just cream? I just...
Go to the specific forum and you'll see at the left the sign the button 'new post'.
I've heard you can add whipped cream to MBC, but only a 40% fat cream which is very difficult to find.So I vote (Meringue) buttercream.
Or you just now found out how it works for you. I find fresh strawberries so delicious in a cake. But I do as Charlene said. I first start with a thin layer of IMBC on the cake, then put a stiff dam around the edge and then lay the sliced strawberries slightly off the edge.
Suikertaartjes Suuz is great!! She is very talented. Her website with the pictures of the wavecake: picture tutorial, In Dutch, I am sorry, but pictures speak for themselves.This is not a how-to done bij Suus herself, but an other decorator trying to copy it.
I like On her chapter substitution you can find a conversion for gelatin>agar agar.
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