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In Holland, the going recipe for my cake (biscuit de savoie, fat free cake) asks for AP-flour. Thanks to this forum I read about protein content, gluten etc, links to Rose Berenbaum en heard that flour with a lower protein content would give a softer crumb. I was frustrated because normal stores don't sell it here. Probable the wholesale-stores do, but I don't have acces to it. We just returned from our vancation to France and I brought home some low protein flour. 9%,...
Thanks, imaginethatnj! I think i'll try this one as soon if I find some time.
Thanks for the advise! I'am still looking for a non-artificial ingredient recipe, but this is a good start.
Stand.. didn't check my dictionary this time. English is not my first language.I understand your comment. As I said, I don't sell, and the cakes I made are not that extreme large, so I understand a stand might not be manageable for some occasions. And yes..personal preferences can differ so much.
I (hardly) do not use fondant because of the taste. I do use a good quality premade marzipan.I am getting curious now about making some fondant myself, see if I do like this. Do you share your recipee? If so, I would be interested.
I do not sell my cakes.. so what's worth my thoughts.. but I do not like fondant covered boards. A cake, especially a wedding cake or a multi-tiered cake should be placed on a cake standard imho. It gives the cake so much more height and visual attrativeness. It gives the cake a stage..I understand that you would like to give a pretty look when you hand it over to your costumer who picks the cake up. And smaller cakeboards can be placed on a standard as well.. but it...
I love working with marzipan as well. It taste so much better than fondant ( although I haven't tried massa)I've seen recipees with eggwhites as well with glucose.When you buy marzipan watch for the sugarcontent. In my opinion it must be at least 1 part almonds 3 parts sugar. (1:2 even better). The cheaper brands sell 1;4 .I use the Dutch brand Zeelandia, wich is very nice to work with and does not have many artificial additives.
I'm in to the natural approach. I do not like lorann, it has only artificial flavouring, which I don't like myself.900 grams of butter can have as much as 8 tablespoons of liquid. You can reduce the alcohol to that amount if you want a better taste of this.
What is the amount of butter you use? I assume you make IMBC and not meringue?And how much of what sort of flavouring do you use?IMBC can only hold so much of a liquit, (made on a good recipe) so that can destabelize it.
I've used Japanese matcha tea powder in a cake. It has a lovely taste. The taste is really spring gras green tea, very fresh. The Japanese themselves use it a lot in pastry. It is expensive though when you buy a good quality. It pairs good with white chocolate, pear.. passion fruit..I've used it as well as a natural food colouring in my marzipan, wich turned out beautiful. When you use to much you get the taste of grass, wich is not so.. Try a teaspoon first. I am afraid...
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