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I am very curious ecb8r2, how you make your black icing. Do you use melted chocolate or cocoa powder?
I am from a country where it is hard to find cakeflour (Holland). But after some search ( inspired by this site) I did find it and yes, it does make a difference. It gives a much softer and tender crumb. Teddybear soft.
My SMBC or IMBC are white. As in white enough. Not crisp white, but still white.. I live in Holland and luckely we cannot buy butters with yellow dye in it. Organic butters as wel as regular real butter. Look for butter with just 1 ingredient: butter. The butter itself is not white, still a yellow cream colour, but mixed with the meringue it gets a nice white colour. picture: [img][/img]   You can see the IMBC on the...
I only had happy births and happy babies, but no way their was one moment in the first month after their birth I longed to make a cake. I was tired because of broken nigths, hormones and these little ones have their ways to keep you very busy! The first month I was glad I actually made it to the supermarket and could prepare some simple dinner for my family. The next three months I still felt blessed I could take a big maturnaty leave.   You know; you can make a...
35 euro, ...i did nt even realize it was thát much higher. Indeed a long way to go. I have read your post. Good to inform people. I ve seen it is being discussed, so you are making people think. Good job! Just thinking.. you state that the price of cake must reflect a salary for the baker.. will people know now that with your price you are far under minimum wage?
Hi suuske!I am a big fan of your cakepops! Being from the Netherlands as well I know the `cakeclimate `problems we have here. I`ll try to write English so the rest can follow us. If you would be a hobbybaker you have a nice price and will have some euro`s left after some hours of fun. But maybe you are a professional homebaker? How many hours would you spend on this cake? What would your hourrate be you give yourself?Serving sizes differ as well because you probable...
Besides a filling with fresh or preserved strawberries or raspberries, a filling with poached pears is very gourmet-like as well. It does not add any special effect to the colors, but it is a very sophisticated filling and goes perfect with champagne.
I am now actually doubting. Maybe it is the genoise in this assembled cake that makes the 2 days, not the daqcuoise?
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