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Help!! My ganche keeps sinking to the bottom of my molten lava cupcakes. What am i doing wrong?
I made some sugar veil lace that I want to attach to buttercream. Do I just stick it on when the buttercream is still wet or is there a way I can attach it after the butercream has crusted?
What would be the best way to do a giant cupcake without the mold? I thought about 6"or 7" round stacked then a part of the wonder mold for the top? Any ideas?
Ok, thanks! I have a related question. I did a cake dummy with white buttercream then piped it with blue buttercream, after 2 days the blue bled into the white and looked horrible. How do I fix that?
Why is Royal better vs Buttercream when piping?
THANK you SO much!!! This really helps!!
HELP!! The last 2 cakes I have done I have gotten a big (about the size of a quarter) bubble under my bc the next day. It pokes it out and makes it crack. I can push it back in but it leaves a mark. What am I doing wrong?
I have an order for a beer mug this weekend. I want to make the mug look frosted. I was thinking just shake sugar on the bc but am wondering if anyone has any better ideas?
When using bc, try writing with a tooth pick first, that way if you mess up you can just smooth it over and start again. Then just pipe over it.
Ok, Thanks! What if I'm using buttercream?
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