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Kitchen Krafts sells a flavoring by that name
Thanks that makes sense.  Do you remember if each cake was iced separately or once all the tiers were stacked together.  If separate, I'm wondering how to measure correctly so the lines from each cake line up properly--or is that why you ice 3/4 of it with white to give you some buffer for alignment.
Has anyone seen a tutorial on the technique used to ice a stacked wedding cake with chocolate buttercream on one side and vanilla buttercream on the other?
I like Sweetex and have to buy it on-line as we don't have a cake supply store in our city.  I don't think Sweetex ist as greasy tasting as others I've used.  Google it and check for the places that might be closest to you if you don't have a cake supply store near you.
I put double sided carpet tape on my SPS plate(s).  It secures the cardboard round that's under your cake to the SPS plate, thus even less chance of movement.
I agree chocolate would be great.  Another option is to make a vanilla butter cream, add some marchino cherry juice as your liquid.
Does it work well when attached to buttercream?
I'm doing my first multi-tier wedding cake, covered in crusting buttercream. I will be adding lace appliques to each tier. I have several questions: 1. Is it best to use fondant, gum paste, a 50/50 mix, candy clay, or marzipan on a buttercream frosting? 2. How far in advance can I make these appliques and how should they be stored? 3. Should the cake(s) be at room temp to apply the appliques? 4. How far in advance of the wedding can I apply the appliques? 5. How...
I'm having trouble with some of my mini cupcake batches. Sometimes the cupcake liner will bake into the cake. Sometimes the liner will pull away from the cake after baking. Any suggestions on a remedy? This doesn't happen with my regular cupcakes. Thanks
Can someone tell me if Circuit decorating sheets and Wilton Sugar sheets are the same? Specifically can the Wilton sheets be used on a Circuit machine?
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