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 for me it took about 1 1/2 lbs
I do have a pasta roller. I am planning to roll it thin. Do you think 2 lbs is enough or should I plan for more? thank you for responding
I need to ruffle a 9" round cake using Sharon Wee's flower ruffle design.  Any thoughts how much fondant it will take just to do the ruffles? Thanks
that's a good idea bct 806. thanks I like to use the liquid creamer.   I bought the lorann gourmet  flavor which is a really concentrated oil. It is a little to lemony tasting but mixed with just a little bit of Almond emulsion by loranns it seems perfect.
I tried the amaretto liqueur in my buttercream but by the time I added enough to really flavor the buttercream there was no need to have a cocktail. Which brand of amaretto extract do you really like?
thank you - any idea how many cups of batter this makes? It sounds really good and I am going to try it. That is the recipe I use and it is amazing... I think I know what I did wrong today 2 things used bananas from the freezer they were probably to wet and did not cream the butter sugar long enough. I only creamed my butter for about 4 min. and when reviewing Edna's recipe which appears to be the same she recommends 10 min creaming. so I will try...
thank you- do you have a link where I can find the recipe?
Please help - it has been a while since I made my banana cake recipe made it today and I  I think it is way to moist to hold up under fondant. Anyone have a recipe they would recommend. I need to carve it into a bottle shape and cover it with fondant. thanks
I have see mixed reviews on macsmom chocolate wasc recipe for CARVING. Everyone seems to agree it is a great cake. I need to make a topsy turvy and am wondering if it is to moist to carve??   Thank you   Chocolate WASC(macsmom's method ) - MacsMom 2 dark chocolate cake mixes 2 c cake flour (gives it a lighter crumb) 2 1/4 c sugar (extra sugar for moistness) 1/3 c cocoa powder 3/4 t salt (less salt because of the cocoa powder) 2 pkg chocolate fudge pudding...
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