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Thank you for your help!!  Love my fellow CC users!  They are the best! I did see those in my search. Relznik, love your version!  It's really beautiful.  If I can't find the exact pattern I guess I could just give the bride a few other options.  Maybe I'll order that pattern and do a fondant swatch to show her.  I even searched embossing mats for scrapbooking, but came up empty. 
A bride-to-be wants this cake, in September, but I haven't been able to find the textured pattern...yet!  Anyone know?  She sent this to my cell phone, and I did find it in a google search, but it didn't have any clues as to what was used to get the pattern.  She found it at a wedding cake site. This pattern appears to be more elegant than the texturing tools I'm finding through my internet search.  Does anyone have any suggestions?
Yeah, she had to re-do all her videos.  Try this link.
Yep what you said, ha!  I did a layer of yellow batter, made the "C" shapes, then a layer of yellow batter on top of them.
Mrs. Jessica, I can't exactly remember, but I believe I just used the same measure as the oil on the box mix for the applesauce. I think I used Betty Crocker, but I don't think the brand would matter much for testing. You do want your batter to be thick. I think that is key to getting a good pattern. If it's too liquidy the "C" shape may just sink or fold into the yellow. I was thinking of doing more testing too on batter consistency to know for sure. If I do that I'll...
Dayti, yes having thin batter can give poor results. My batter was very thick, I added a 1/2 cup of flour and 1/2 cup of sugar and used apple sauce instead of oil to the box mix. Don't give up, practice makes perfect! @FlourPots, thanks! I wish I had thought about taking pictures. Next time! I want to try it again and add even more "spots". Glad you found it useful!
Check out this site,, is this what you were looking for? Also, if you search the internet for vintage buttercream cakes and ruffled buttercream tutorials or techniques there is a lot that comes up. Here's one for the ruffle,, it gives a general idea on where to start, but search the internet for more. I...
Okay so I never posted in the forum before so hopefully I do it right. I'm wanting to post pictures of the cake I made so I'm hoping that works too. I've been searching the internet to find tutorials on how to get the leopard print inside the cake and there aren't many out there. I baked this cake last night using the technique from this youtube video,, copy and paste the link...
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