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It looks like most of the cakes are buttercream with piping. So maybe you should start there. There are also classes on
That's normal "Godot behavior." The two-line comments that really hurt people.Notice the appropriate answers on this other thread. Even though people were telling the truth to the OP, and not really giving her any puppies and rainbows, they were still tactful. Then, there's always the one person who comes over and says the wrong thing. *sigh*
@AnnieCahill, what does this mean? Can't boys dress however they want and wear long hair, nail polish and tight pants if they want to? What does that have to do with anything?"So remember, sticks and stones. Do parents even teach that anymore? Or is that why we have so many boys walking around with tight pants, nail polish, and long hair? Hmm..."
LOL...yes. an exercise in futility. I have to note, though that Godot and all the people who signed up to CC not too long ago, have no idea how JK used to be. He has changed for the better! So maybe we should give him a little break and not hold a grudge? Together with his answers there was usually this "sermon" about being legal and all that stuff, even if the question was not posted on the business forum. I mean, really, he and his "friends" at this forum would gang up...
You treat people differently, depending on who they are at CC.In the following link, you sheepishly talk about "cream cheese icing" being shelf-stable in your state, but don't force the FDA and other government sites on the other poster here, who (God forbid!) says that cream cheese American icing is shelf-stable in other states ('cause you're always sucking up to that poster). on...
SCP don't turn this one too into one of those nightmarish situations you like to create everywhere. 9 times out of 10 you're defending yourself on this site. Can't you see it? Anybody checking your forum posts can figure this out. Have a very pleasant day. I have better things to do than to continue this. You're even bringing other threads into this one now.
She's not leaving the cake out for a week. Dulce de leche will be fine for at least 2 days out of the refrigerator. She's not canning the dulce de leche either. Ganache contains dairy. Does ganache have to be refrigerated? NO!Here's more opinions on the subject and other methods if you want them, from people native to the countries it comes from., hope your cake goes great!
You really just need milk and sugar. That's the real one. No refrigeration needed, so you're clear on that."The problem for me is that no matter which method you use for caramelizing sweetened condensed milk, your raw material is still sweetened condensed milk, and that produces a vastly inferior dulce de leche, at least in my view. The simmering method allows you to mix your milks, get creative with your sugars, add spices, whatever you like. And it doesn’t take a whole...
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