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Great idea. I hadn't thought of that. Thank you.
Hi Everyone,   My nephew asked me to make him a football cake for his birthday. Ok no problem but then he wants it to look like the superbowl trophy! Its a small party so only the football will be cake. We plan to make the base. What I am not sure on is the angle of the football and how to keep them cake from sliding off? If anyone has made a cake like this your thoughts would be appreciated.   Thanks      
I too closed my business this past year. While I miss the income, I no longer miss my kids special events. I now home school 2 of my 5 children. Never thought I would add teacher in my list of careers. =) My kid love the fact that we use baking a math class. lol
Hi everyone. I have been asked to make gumpaste sunflowers for a wedding cake next month. I have tried using the daisy cutters but haven't liked the results. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions? TIA
Ozgirl thank you for the very helpful alternatives! I know some would say do your own research, and I agree with that, but putting that little extra out there was awesome!
Ok I need help quick please. I have a last minute bride, like next weekend. She would like a paisley design on fondant. With the wedding so close I haven't been able to find a stencil locally but I did find an impression which I bought. I have used a diamond impression mat on fondant after it was on the cake. I have heard to ways to use the mat. First is to roll the fondant out and place it on the mat and then roll a pin over it pressing it in to the mat. Or second put...
I have a wedding coming up in 2 days. The bride wants SMBC which isn't a problem because it was suppose to be an indoor wedding. Now they have decided to move it outdoors. With the heat I'm afraid that the SMBC will melt. I have talked to her about it but she doesn't want to a buttercream made with shortening at all. Is there a way to make the SMBC more stable? Or does anyone combine SMBC with another type of buttercream? TIA
maybe it was just the brand. I will check some others thanks
Ok so I had a cake with weekend bride wanted WHITE buttercream. I only use butter in all of my frostings, its just a personal thing don't like the taste of shortening . I also have never used clear vanilla. Made the frosting and it was so nasty. The after taste was horrible. I threw the whole batch out, called the bride and she was ok with off white as long as it tasted good. So my question is do any of you use clear vanilla? Is there a brand that is better than others? Or...
is it possible to set up a video conference with the bride while you meet with the MOG? That way the bride could still give her input. Also maybe she could email you her ideas or any pictures in advance. Just a thought.
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