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Have you thought about teaching any classes? After 10 years in the industry, there are probably lots of people in your area that could benefit from your expertise. :)
It will be 3-D.
I didn't even think of having to do internal supports for it. Thank you for that suggestion!
Hello, I'll be doing a groom's cake similar to this picture of Taz. The only difference is that Taz will have a whirlwind around him at the bottom (like the cartoons). It should be pretty cool. It will be sculpted from rice cereal.   Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do his arms? Since his arms are so skinny, I'm assuming I'd use some kind of wires and cover them in modeling chocolate, but if you have any other suggestions I'd appreciate your help. Thanks so...
If you can't find a cake dummy, have you considered molding it from rice cereal? Might not be too difficult to do...
I agree with the other posters but I want to add that this also happens to me when I over-grease my pans. But what a nice and sweet gesture from your hubby! :)
Hi Monique, I've been reading this thread and I don't have any advice that is different from any other posters, but I just wanted to encourage you. The pictures of your cakes are awesome, and as you said your work is very polished and clean! I do hope you see the increase in business soon. Best wishes to you!
Is there anyone that has attempted this cake or similar? I'm this close to recommending to the client that we go with styrofoam instead of actual cake for the minion...
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make the minion stand? There is a tutorial by Paul Bradford, but he makes the minion out of styrofoam and my client would like the minion to be cake.   I think my biggest question is about the supports for this? I can't quite imagine how the supports would be arranged to allow the minion to stand down through the cake below it. Thanks in advance for your help.    
I don't know really know the name of this cake, so I called it a "frill cake". :)   Does anyone know if there's a tutorial available for this cake? It seems like it would be easy, but would like some pointers. Thanks!  
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