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how do you price your cake?
thank you so much for the reply...i will try that first...  
Hi all, i need help with something. i received an order to make some thing like the attached link below. its a beautiful cake by zoe clark <3, but i couldnt find any rice paper in my country and got spring roll sheets instead. i was wondering if anyone used spring roll sheets before. i am worried that this might not work. pls help.        
..i use banana essence instead of vanilla in my BC and i love how it taste,,,,everyone who i make cakes love em. anyone tried?
can someone suggest me a good air brushing machine? i am new and i want to try it out. thanks
Can anyone share a good yummy chocolate cake recipe thats hard enough to hold chocolate fondant icing? thanks
I am currently working on a wedding cake and i did steam my gum paste flowers and it gave a beautiful shine...but i want to steam it again as i did the steaming a week back and now it lost the natural look and the wedding party is delayed. Also did any of you heard or done steaming on MMF?
thank you guys...thanks that u have mentioned it about each petal on separate looks kinda easy...silly me...i have been worried for the past three days wondering whether i can pull it i think i can..i will upload pics after i am done....thank you again...CC is the best
i have a friend of a cousin of mine who gave me a picture of a flower and wants me to make those on her wedding cake. but since i am no expert in making flowers, i have no idea what kinda flower this is and how to make one, I am so worried i might not finish it.please help. any ideas. thank you[/img]
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