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Thank you for the recipe it took me a while to find your blog. You have a great tutorial. The pictures help. Thanks so much I'm going to try it.
Hi, I'm a newbie caker. I'm enjoying learning to bake cakes. Unfortunately, My kids and I can't stand the buttercream frosting recipe that I have used in my Wilton cake classes. I understand that keeping to that recipe during class is important to taking the classes. I have no problem with that.Here is my dilemma--- My son's birthday coming up and I want to make him a cake. I want to use a different frosting. My family will eat my Wilton frosting cakes but, they first take...
I have gone off the deep end.I have made 4 kinds of brownies, 30 cake pops, 3 dozen gingerbread people, 2 dozen gingerbread reindeer, 3 dozen decorated snowflake cookies, 4 dozen decorated cookies (mittens, hats, angels, candy canes, snowmen, trees, etc...), 2 dozen mini decorated cookies, and 3 dozen chocolate covered pretzel rods, mason jar gift of hot chocolate with marshmallows and candy cane swirls. OMG! What was I thinking!I have to admit most of these desserts are...
I want to make cookies for my family as a Christmas Present. My question is can I make these cookies in advance and freeze them until Christmas?Or will I have to do them all in one day?How long will the be fresh?
Hi, I'm a newbie and I am trying to determine which icing is the best for me. I tried buttercream but I hated that if you touch it it dents through the crust. Even after 24 hours. I liked the corn syrup icing but details are difficult. I want to try royal next but I already know I hate the taste. What are the pro's and cons and which is the best for a newbie?
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