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But you would be much better off buying online for cost savings - North West London Bromley but quite a small shop**********.php SW London though probably overpriced East London
This is lovely and so encouraging. Makes a change from some of the business doom and gloom around here. I needed to read this today! Keep up the good work and more success to you!
I'm not in favour of using anything inedible on cupcakes....people expect to be be able to eat the decorations and however much flowerpaste is made from sugar, the reality is you cannot eat it without choking. It does not taste good either. 
Thank you.Fondant is not an American custom. So I can appreciate if it is alien to many along with the taste. It is a European and particularly a British custom as we really don't do buttercream cakes. It's a rarity if someone specifically asks for a cake in buttercream. We don't have discussions about whether it should be eaten - it gets eaten as part of the cake. And our cakes are good quality scratch cakes (in the main!). It is not because our cakes "don't taste good"....
They are good but they don't come in 14"over here...I know because I have been searching for one :-)
In the UK you order from Town & Country Fine Foods and they have a minimum order of £80 I believe. A 7kg bucket of Massa is approx £45 unless it has recent,y gone up in price...
Any local cake shop should have them and they are cheap!You need to google "single thick cake card" or "board" and this will give you lots of options.I know Cake Stuff is in Scotland but they are mail order only and the cost of shipping will be a bit disproportionate for a few thin boards....
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