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Thank you all for the info. I only use CRISCO in my MMF recipe, I use cornstarch now to tone down the shine. I use to buy Satin Ice but I prefer the cost and taste of mine betteršŸ˜Š. Thanks again!
Thank you, I'm sure it's the Crisco. Appreciate the assistance :-).
Ā  Ā This one isn't as shiny as they normally are, but it still doesn't look at matted and clean as I've seen others.
Yes Ma'am, I make my own with Marshmallows.
I've done a lot of cakes and I like to use my steamer to make them shine. But now I want to do a cake without that but my fondant just never looks as perfect as I've seen others look. Do I blot it with cornstarch? Any suggestions?
I am also looking for a car (corvette) template for my cake, can't seem to find what you all are seeing. Help :-).
AĀ Baker I know when stacking her cakes puts wax paper on top of the first cake (the size of the cake circle that goes on top) and then stacks the second so as to preserve the ganache when the cakes are separated. You can secure both cakes more by running a (sharp) dowel down the center of both going through the board of the first, wax paper, cake board and base. Hope that helps.
WOW! Now where was THIS tutorial when I was sweating over carving my spiral cake these last 3 days???!! FANTASTIC!! Simple and easy to follow, thanks for posting. Now I just need to firgure out how to add this to my favorites because I don't see a button .
I've been baking for 9 years but I try and stay very active. I also try and drink a LOT of water and sometimes when I'm in a sweet's craving mood as I'm baking I'll chew sugar free gum or snack on a portion of almonds and drink a small diet soda. But eating a balanced meal, drinking plenty of water and getting some kind of exercise, even if it's walking the dog and afterwards snacking on something healthy prior to baking (like almonds, fruit...etc.) you'll kick that habit...
I've seen the mountain theme tutorial here on CC, but my client wants a cake that has two roads coming down on both sides and I'm not sure how to do that. My problem isn't really the sculpting, but the boards under each layer of cake. It will be 3 different flavored 10 inch cakes and one 8inch on top. I've made two sugar pieces as requested and they want one running up the mountain and the other running down. I was thinking of doing each layer separatly, starting at the...
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