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hey jdelectables, I'll pay you extra to mail me one of their kits ;) 
And yes I think they do. At least that's what they sell. I applaud those that can get SMBC that dang smooth! I need to try another recipe. The one I used (one everyone raves here) was good but way to buttery for me. And I'm a southern gal, I love buttah as much as Paula deen! But the texture is beautiful
I pryed my tip open bigger and I use my own ABC, no stiffer than usual. My BC is a sweetex and butter shortening with other junk to make it fluffier but smooth. Definitely didn't stiffen it up at all. Overlapping the petals helps keep them upright, but even some of mine come out further.
My second attempt at these flowers.  its a pattern and wrist thing, kind of like borders.  I still have a bit to go to get them uniform but I love the look!
In Dallas, you have to be able to keep up with all of your competition, and there is A LOT. Because 1 of 2 things will happen: you'll charge what your skill level should allow for and you'll always be known as the dirt cheap baker or you'll charge what the professionals charge or slightly lower and you'll never have any business. You have to offer something that the others don't and in Dallas, that's going to be hard
Here's my advice....DONT DO IT!!!    haha, just kidding, kind of.       I would agree with what most everyone has said above 
I would totally pay for a tutorial to watch them do their scroll work. It's amazing! I'm such a fan of different types of scroll work
They definitely aren't one I admire.  Even the founder, Shari, herself has written a book stating that since she left the company, the new owners have changed everything she prided herself on.  They mass produce these strawberries, spray them with growth hormones to get them so big and they don't even dip them in real chocolate.  There are many complaints to the FDA claiming false advertising for "chocolate dipped strawberries" when they aren't dipped in chocolate, at all....
As I'm reading this, I'm seeing an ad to the side of my screen for Sheri's Berries.  They sell "gourmet" dipped strawberries.  I've had their strawberries and they're nothing that I can't make.  The berries themselves are nothing special.  Some were even mostly green.  So why is it they have the ability to make as much as they do for dipped fruit?  That's not a custom job, that's just repetitive assembly line, flash frozen work.  Or going to an expensive restaurant.  Most...
I think its shows like Cake Boss, Ace of Cakes, DC Cupcakes, etc that have "educated" the general public on what custom cakes look like.  I'll never forget in 2009, my grandmother thought it was so silly that people were ordering tiered cakes for anything other than weddings.  Tiered cakes were for weddings and sheet cakes for everything else.  Now we have 3 and 4 tiered cakes being served at 1st birthday parties along side smash cakes.  Its either one extreme or the...
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