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Ok, let's see if I can get the picture to load this time.  
I used foam balls to make cake pop dummies.  I treated them just like little balls of cake and dipped them in the melted candy.  They worked great and as long as they don't get wet or damaged, they should be ok.  
First of all, welcome to CC.  There are lots of amazingly talented and helpful people here and all are willing to share their experience and help you in any way they can.   As to your question - - please don't take this the wrong way.  If you don't already have your pricing firmly established, you're not ready to sell anything.  No one else can tell you how you should price your product.  No one else has the same expenses or uses the same ingredients or has the same...
As one whose piping looks like a dyslexic 2-year-old got loose with a can of spray paint, I understand.  I'm not artistic or creative - - well, maybe a little creative.  But I have to have the inspiration to start.    I was so proud when I "came up" with the idea of doing a Black Velvet cake.  Then I got online and wouldn't you know it, it's been done before!   I think your cake is very pretty and I really like the ice blue color.  And I'm jealous of your round...
And Kevin gets a GREAT BIG gold star!! 
I have several Pampered Chef items and I really like them.  I really like their set of 3 mixing bowls.  They are in 3 very usable sizes and have the rubber bottom and measurements on the sides.  All of their stuff is high quality and will last for years.  But.......they are a tad on the expensive side.
I made cake pops last Christmas and everyone was asking me what they were.   I know I'm in Podunk, Nowhere, but come on.
We serve cake as one dessert option in our restaurant.  I don't have time to decorate them, but they have super-smooth buttercream.   The first time I served Salted Caramel Cake, a customer called me over to his table.  In a very low whisper, he said "There's little tiny pieces of broken glass all over this cake."   Really. *snicker*   1.  Would I really serve cake with broken glass on it?   2.  What part of "SALTED Caramel" did you not understand?   Sometimes...
I've always put "discounts" in the same category as "sales" . . . either they're trying to get rid of a lot of something that nobody wanted, or their prices were too high in the beginning.  Since neither of these is the case with custom cakes, neither is warranted.  For anybody.
Ok, got it. Didn't know that's what it is called.
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