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The first one was for my sister...she ask me if I can do something really quick for my niece...without money and for ingredients..Lol ​   The second one is the worse!! course. My poor sister again!!...She asked me again for her wedding cake ​ this colors!!.. and also She bought these fake flowers and insisted on putting them in the cake !...Was horrible!!...shame on me!!! least the guests said it was delicious  
Dear Lainie64,   I can make these figures. I have extensive experience in figures. I would like to work with you.  I can send you one ASAP so you can see if it meet your levels of detail and quality. Then if you like the product we can arrange payment afterward.   Please contact me so I can show you photos if my work.    Thanks and good luck!   Amada everybody for your responses!..and avidses! I so glad to heard each one! The italianBaker..Thanks to you!...I need to be more confident!..i love u history..thats my goal!
Thank you I will do it that!
Hi,   I Dont know how or where I can star...I owned a small cake shop in Ecuador a couple months ago. But my housband decided to came in here CA. Becacuse is safety.   I need to find a job decorating cakes!...I loved! and I cannot image to myself do something different. I know I can not to start a business in here, so I plannig to send resumes to the local bakeries.   Always I worked with local products...I have skills decorating..but never I try to bake...
If your cupcakes will be of fondant...maybe u can create you own container..   I did this ones and everybody was happy to see the cupcakes..
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