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Oh dang have fun with that one
great job :)
WOW some peoples nerve :(
CreationsbyNicole what a nice cake. Im sure your son loved it :)
agree with the others too :)
Do you have a pic you can post here? Im sure everyone here has no problem giving honest feedback. And not just I hate it but why they hate it or visa versa.
Im sure someone will have a better suggestion than mine. But off of the top of my head I would make them with fondant or gumpaste which ever you prefer and spray them silver. HTH
Yes what iCookiBake said. It is the tutorial I followed for my ladybug purse. Super easy :) good luck
Stiches...You crack me up. Im sure you can put something like we have the right to refuse services to anyone for any reason. Then you dont have to point out how stupid or annoying they really are. Although I find it hilarious so go right ahead :)
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