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Hey everyone... i have been trying to download Alice's pricing matrix and it's no longer there i guess... please if anyone can upload the link to it ... so that many other bakers like me can use it.. thanks!
Hi Marianna46, i used the same wilton's recipe for my strawberry filling and really worked great... it was deelicious... the strawberry filling was not too runny and i din't have any problems with it... also i found an excellent vanilla cake recipe online... i am so happy as it all turned out great... also the cake was a big hit and my client simply loved it......... i am sooo happy. thank you so much for your help
I have an order this weekend for a vanilla cake with strawberry filling, this is the first time i will be doing this combination for any of my client as (i am still new to cake business). I just don't know what recipe i should follow for the vanilla cake... should i go for a vanilla sponge or any other recipes... for the strawberry filling i will be following wilton's recipe posted on their website: any one tried it...
Thank you Every one... after i read all the comments here... i took the initiative and asked her (my client) that what exactly was not nice about the cakes' taste ... she thanked me for giving the cake to her on time and said that the cake itself was nice but she din' t like the filling and frosting... so now i know where have i gone wrong... i told her that i will for sure improve my work in the future... Now i feel so much relieved.......... For the frostings i used...
sure she's just not trying to get some money back?I felt the same... but the cake was not that bad the way she presented it... she said NO ONE liked the cake much......... i dunno
well... she din't know what filling should she be having... so she left it on me... i tried my level best to give my best shot... the kind of comment she gave it made me feel as if NO ONE LIKED THE CAKE at all.... it was a cake for 60 servings.. with an 8" and 10" round cakes...i wanted to ask her exactly that what did she not like in particular... the cake... the combo or the fillings... but my husband told me not to do so... i am sooo confused... !!!!!!!
I am new to cake business and i had a last minute order last weekend for a birthday cake. The decorations went fine ...later my client sent me a message that the toppers were good but no one liked the taste of the cake much and now she was left with more than half the cake I used hershey's chocolate cake recipe for both the tiers with fondant... (i have been using this recipe for so long with fresh cream and all but yeah without fondant and all my friends and family simply...
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