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Oh ok ty! I'm from UK so wasn't sure either!
Sorry but what are 'Jolly Ranchers' x
Thank you for that link, it looks fab I will definately give that a try x
Hello Can anyone help! I want to create water effect on a cake using isomalt for a penguin iceberg cake, and wondered if i could pour this directly onto the fondant? I've used piping gel to make water effectively before but wanted to try this medium to look more realistic! Hope someone can help Thank you x
Sounds like a good idea! I will post pictures when completed!!! Fingers crossed Thank you xx
Thank you that sounds like a good idea! I will keep you posted!! TY
Please HELP!!! I want to create a 3d stand alone Indain Elephant cake and would like some advice on the structure! I was going too use dowells inserted into legs but concerned about body! As anyone created one or have ideas how this can be done!!!! Thank you xxx
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