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Unless you need them done ASAP, I would definitely order a mold online if you can't find it locally. It would save you the headache. And its always good to keep a few molds on hand for big orders. Fill with chocolate, then cookie, and cover with chocolate, pop them in the fridge and they're ready to pop out a few mins later. You can find them on...
Most recipes do state one vanilla bean = 1 T. vanilla extract. 
Please post when you've put your recipe back up on etsy. Would love to buy! Thanks!   Monica
i made the second one a while back and threw it out. Yuck.
Wow! Thats awesome! Congrats!
Awesome! Thanks!
That's a great deal! My local Macy's home didn't carry it. It took a bit of getting used to since I'm used to a rolling pin with handles but it worked much better than my rolling pin with rubber rings. Good luck!
AGREED! Cheap cookie cutters should be under $3! Even the Wilton sets that come 2-3 a set are under $6! Name doesn't go with it but when I can't find something locally, I do order with them because shipping is fast & cheap! I have a problem with $8 shipping on a $2 cookie cutter. Lol
Thank you both for your advice! Glad I have a lil room for trial & error. And those blinged out shoes are adorable! My sisters shower is baseball theme (boy) so I thought some cute navy converse would go with the theme.  
I'm going to attempt making this but wondering how soon I can make it & store it? My sisters baby shower is in a couple weeks. Thanks!
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