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I wanted to recreate this look on a practice cake...any ideas what tip is used and how it's done?   Thanks
Oh, i just reread your original I get what your saying...makes sense to add raspberry to both so u either get raspberry or raspberry and baileys....gotcha! Thanks... I am cutting my two inch cakes in half so I'll have four layers....i can do the middle layer with the raspberry and top and bottom with Bailey buttercream. And the top tier all raspberry for the kids and others. And it will make the whole cake more cohesive too. Thanks again, glad i checked my...
Thanks for the tips...I'm going to do the big tier in Bailey's now...(so they don't fight lol) and i do use a great raspberry puree recipe that thickens with cornstarch, I googled Baileys and raspberry and found a ton of recipe results, which I probably should have done in the beginning. So I'm sure they will pair up nicely. Thanks again for your advice.
I'm making a two tier cake for my sister in law.  I want one tier to be vanilla with a raspberry puree filling.  The second tier vanilla, and I was thinking of trying one of the bailey's frosting recipes from here, but unsure if that would be a good compliment since I'm not really familiar with the taste.  I was going to do the outer coatings in a french vanilla buttercream (it's one of the traditional rosette cakes)  Would all of that go together or should I toss the...
Hey, I just moved to North Florida from NY and I'm pretty disappointed at my lack of supply shops here - which is limited to Michaels and JoAnns both an hour away.  I have to drive to Tampa next week anyway, and was wondering if anyone knew of any local supply shops where I can stock up on cake drums, flavorings, airbrush colors and gel colors.....I went to place an order online and was shocked at the shipping prices, I'll pay them if I have to, but if anyone knows of...
Just looking for some yummy suggestions for a christmas cake.  I'm making a present cake for a Christmas party and looking to do it in an interesting flavor.  (Also just moved to Florida and wanting to get my name out in town :)  I saw a recipe for eggnog buttercream (didn't bother copying it down though unfortunately...) but something along those lines sounds good, just to stand out.   Thanks for any suggestions! I'll do 4 layers, and just stick some hollow plastic dowels in them, to prevent sliding then---learned my lesson with sliding the hard way on a delivery once!  I can laugh now, but then it was devastating :)   Appreciate the help.
I'm going to try making one of these next week with a 9 inch pan, for those who have made them, is 4 layers of cake enough for a proper height?  And if 4 layers is enough, should I put a board between the two layers?  Thanks for any tips!
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