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Personally I would place a board & dowels under the head.  I am no expert by any means so perhaps someone with more experience has a better idea.
It is possible to make cream cheese SMBC but you have to add the SMBC to the cream cheese.  Here is the recipe & method that was posted right here on cc
Looks something like a lotus to me.
Thank you MBalaska.  I think I am going to make this. So glad I saw this thread.  Always looking for new recipes to try.  
Sorry I refuse to waste yummy SMBC.  Can I use ABC made with all shortening?
Now I want to make this too.  Has anyone ever covered it in fondant?  Does it hold up well?  I'm thinking of using it for a baby shower cake that I'm making for my daughter's best friend.  I'm thinking chocolate truffle filling & caramel SMBC.  
Sorry here is the 3 rd one
No picture of the flower
Is this what you are looking for?
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