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I really like this one:
There are other ways you can get that effect but will be time consuming.  I did come across this
Using this would be the easiest way.
I use the same recipe as Jchuck.  As a matter of fact, she is the one that shared it with me.  I have never made the additions that she uses.  The frosting comes out very creamy.  It tastes almost like pudding.  I have made the cream cheese version, chocolate, added fruit curds,  and just yesterday I added some Dulche de Leche for a caramel flavored frosting.  The sweetness is similar to SMBC.  Everyone always loves it.
I like your cake (large roses & all) much better than the original.  Don't like how the original has a silver board with a gold cake.  Can't really understand what she didn't like about it.
Perhaps one of these --lol
I used this tutorial and placed a piece of styrofoam inside.  This way I just stuck the wires into the styrofoam to hold in place.  Worked beautifully.
You do need to find room.  It is really good.  I've already sent this recipe to 3 of my "cake friends".  I know they are like me, always looking for new recipes to try out.  
You can do a purse cake that has very little carving like this one
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