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My neighbor is having a support group for breast cancer for about 50 people. She ask me to make cupcakes for her. Need opinions on my cupcake flavors or what should i make. I was thinking of making my:Sassy Strawberry-strawberry cupcake with a buttercream frosting topped with a fondant pink ribbonClassic VanillaClassic ChocolateI was wonder if this would be good enough for this group.
I'm aware you can't really work at home in the kitchen but a commerical kitchen. As a hobby of mine i would like to start a small home bakery business part-time and keep my regular job. I was thinking of starting off small at a farmers market and sell locally. But where do i begin and do i need to write up a business plan and how do i know if the name i want to use is not taking? Advice anyone? the name i came up with is Belle and Scotty's bakery i name it after my...
i would like to start a cupcake business. I just usually make cupcakes and cookies in my home and give them to kids to sell at their bake sale. baking was a hobby but i want to start a career selling my cupcakes. i now you need a commerical kitchen to use. So where to i go from there?
i would go for something with vanilla or you can use a vanilla bean that would be nice
What does it take to start a cupcake business? i know you will need a license and have to work in a commerical kitchen. I've been going to school for a long time and study something that i really don't like. my hobby is baking being doing for awhile now. i really don't sell my cupcakes i just give them away to kids for bake sales. Can anyone give some feedback i where to begin
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