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That's the exact reason that I didn't take it, not the lack of making time, as there was time for me to do it, I've been a professional cake maker for 10 years, just experience tells me it would be a headache.
I just got a call from someone who wanted a 4tier wedding cake, the hitch is it 5pm on Tuesday and they want it for Friday, THIS Friday.Even though I'm not busy I said no, that's right isn't it? I would be setting myself up for major stress and headache wouldn't I?
Can anyone who uses SMB or IMB on their (fondant) wedding cakes tell me how long they are safe at room temperature? I don't currently use either for large cakes that can't be refrigerated, I just use a simple buttercream but I would like the option. I live in the uk so the conditions are fairly stable, not too hot or humid. I've read everything from cakes need to be kept in the fridge, to them being ok at room temp for up to 5-7days once covered. Any advice is much...
Couldn't have put it better!
Really great comments everyone, thanks! I 100% agree about offering money off ultimately being a mistake, I went down that route in the beginning and it's really hard to come back from if you are under charging. You don't want to be busy for being cheap, and all of those $10's off here and there really add up over the year.
Well what do you know, she went with me anyway now I feel a bit guilty. Better make sure I do an amazing job
Me too! I'm now at the point that I'd rather not do the work at all than not get paid for it. There are still people out there who understand and are willing to pay but with so many cake business popping up I think we'll all get under cut more and more often. What can you do? Just believe in what you do and keep on doing it I guess, and feel bad for the people who are undercharging.Your experience is the same as mine, this was a carved cake and I don't use shaped pans. ...
So I emailed a quote and I get a reply saying they really want to use me but they have had a much cheaper quote from someone else who is much closer to them and can I do anything? No I can't, go with the cheaper quote is what I said. (not quite as to the point as that of course, I did try to explain my pricing)I'm pleased that I've stuck to my guns, in the past I've given in and have always undercharged. I hadn't over charged with my quote and if someone else wants to...
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