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Yes, we all noticed that. and YES, Duncan Hines is trying to rob us all.. Rip off and, swindle. I hope their business will close down in the near future..
Usually the people who are so quick in making a very negative statement like "that stuff is awful" are people who cannot even decorate a pancake with syrup. IMHO, it is all based on ignorance or very limited knowledge of the subject. People like that probably buy their cakes at Costco or Walmart, which is the lowest of all quality, just like themselves. I would just ignore them since they do not know any better. Really, what's there not to ignore ?
I have that cutter.. Yes, Wiltons has that.. that is not hard to find..
I really do not see this as a problem as long as she pays you. When we buy food at the restaurant or store, I don't think the business cares what you do with it Whether we eat it or resell it, it belongs to us as long as it is paid. I think it is just your curiousity. I agree it is a strange customer. Just be glad you have a customer that keeps coming back to you for business. Try asking her and see what she tells you.
I am so with you on this.. Why is it wrong to say no ?? really !! And if you say no you are a snub ? that is shallow. Would you take a Vice President ?
I am confused since the paper is not eaten. I have not come across a cupcake liner that gave the cupcake a bad taste. These liners are food grade and should be safe, and is not suppose to change the flavor, since whatever the paper is made of, should not bland in with the cupcake. It might not be the paper that is the problem.I hope you find what U are looking for.
Sure, go to the woods and find Shrek.. he will do it for you w/ out a chain saw..Seriously, I have seen this and I thnk it is very natural looking and very nice..
Think like a businiess woman and not a "do gooder" friend, which is what he expects of you, and hopefully gets it for free.
If I were you I would say "no, i'm sorry but I am booked"...That is what I do not understand about these people,, just because they are on a tight budget, they expect you to feel sorry for them.. I think it is very pathetic, they know they cannot afford it, but they force it upon other people to sympathize with them, hoping that they will get it for free. As if you get all your ingredients for free and have the elves do all the work , baking and all for free while...
I use Wiltons Candy melts. They actually taste good.. Don't confuse it with Fondant.. I don't know how else you can change the taste of candy melts ??? extact will ruin the texture and chemistry of the modeling mixture..
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