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Thank you Goreti!
Can anyone tell me where I can find a template for a ballet shoe? Many thanks
Hi! Could anyone please tell me if its appropriate to use 3 pillars in stead of 4 between a 12 in and 10 in cake. To give you an idea the bottom is a 12 in round, (all sponge cakes) then pillars on top of that,then the 10 in round with 8in round directly on top o f the 10 in.  Hehe my husband is telling me that the 3 pillars are more stable than 4?? My first cake using pillars! Its rather nerve wrecking!!
Thank You so much!
Hi everyone! Next week I need to assemble a wedding cake with pillars in between,I've never used it and would really appreciate any advice as to do's and dont's regarding the pillars. Many thanks
Thank you!!
Does anybody perhaps know where I can find a tutorial on how to make the animals featured in the movie Madagascar? Many thanks
Thank you DeliciousDesserts for the advice!!!
Thank you staceylilycakes! Appreciate the advice.
Hi! Could someone please tell me how do I go about making a rugby jersey cake? I was wondering about the size of the cake,could anyone tell me what sizes cake pans to use? I need 60 servings. I need to figure out what size logo's to print and therefor I am struggling a bit with the sizes. many thanks
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