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Cute! But are you sure you want the bee? Not to get you upset but bees are having a hard time and dying off and all. Science people don't know the problem so they can't stop it. If you start a business with a cute bee it can work against you. You have to think ahead. Good luck.
If you gave us some information about the event or market, we might be able to make a guess. As of now, you have told us nothing.
Uh, oh. I have a consultation next weekend. The bride told me her planner insisted on coming, along with her mother, future MIL, and her BFF. Am I in trouble?
I use a yellow cake recipe with mango nectar in place of half the liquid. Then I use very thin sliced mango between two layers. Moist and delicious.
Yes, 10 minutes give or take. Keep an eye on them.
Pearl, don't have a plan but good luck!
Thank you mimifix. i'm looking around now for a webhost. You have a unique site and that price is very good. Does your sil do other websites, too?
Also check your flour.
I use my ice cream scoops for muffins, cookies, and cupcakes, one scoop in whichever size I need. For weighing larger coffeecakes and cakes, I use the largest scoop and fill until the scale amount is right. The scoops are a nice tool.
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