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This is done by hand....with the cake upside down....youo can google how to taper cakes.....i have never seen that pan for it.
I use oil, egg whites, and after my cupcakes cool from the oven, I put them in plastic cupcake containers. I have had a cupcake four days later and it is still fresh. The more air gets to them, the faster they will dry out.
I would get the biggest, most important details on the cake first, like the number and the web, etc, then fill in the empty space with other details that can fit.....I agree some things will be left out, look at the helmet and make a mental note of parts of the design thta can be sacrificed due to the size.
You need to not open the oven until they are completely done
Once you lay the web cutouts make a fondant black spider with the little keyhole and put it on top. Looks very detailed so if it were me I would trace the hard parts by laying wax paper on top anduse an exacto knife to cut it out. That way you have a pattern for the fondant. You could easily tape the wax paper to the helment
Sounds like This bridezilla is getting whatever she wants from u . I would not do Another mock up just call her whe the colors come in so she can viEw them
Here is my latest cake with the plastic wrap method......hope it helped
This is what I do.   pack your cake as normal. whe you go to close the lid, tape the sides down on the box so that it does not close onto the cake. so with the sides of the cake taped to the box to keep it propped open, measure a piece of plastic wrap long enough just to wrap around the sides slightly so that the open area is covered. Then I tape the sides of the plastic wrap down around the box.....I do this because I don't want anything to get into the box during...
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bbsmom.......for a more finished look without the hassle, try using solid color ribbon the same color as the fondant board
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