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I know this is an old thread just wondering what type of butter have you found to be the best? I used to use store brand but had hubby run out and get some this am he got land o lakes and just creaming the butter and sugar together I noticed a difference.
I did a craft fair about a month ago. I made 2 dozen of 4 diff. kinds of cupcakes. (maple bacon, chocolate, lemon, and pumpkin) I sold them for less than I normally would just to get my name out there. I didn't sell one chocolate! Only sold one pumpkin and one lemon. I however sold out of the bacon. The most common quote I got was "Bacon?!?! Really I gotta try that!!" the booth rental was $60 ( I split it with my mom, she makes scarfs) I took photos of cakes that I've made...
They don't want filling or butter cream between layers?
ok I've been decorating for a couple of years now and I would love to start my own business someday ( kiddos too young now and I need more exp. ) any way a local tech school has started a culinary department ( a few years ago I think) I was thinking about taking some classes. I can get a technical certificate in baking and pastries or I can get a degree in baking and pastries ( the certificate is about 26 hours shy of the degree.) it will take me a little longer ( b/c of...
It could actually be the printer some printers have what I call a hiccup right before it starts to print. So what I have done is to size my image a little smaller inside the template and it still might be a little off but might do in a pinch. You can order them for almost the same as ink to print them. HTH
It all depends if it were me I'd keep doing what I'm doing. If it's working for y'all. You have to think of everything and it has to be something your family decides together. Is she going to make you sign a no compet clause? (where you cannot decorate after you no longer work for her?) and then you have to think about child care. You would get experience of running a business tho but sounds like doing 5 cakes a week ( as long as your getting paid for them) you already...
Yes it's happened colors get darker after awhile I have learned to mix colors at least the day before. I don't know how to fix without mixing some more and putting a thin layer on and it probably won't work in this situation. Sorry
Thanks that's kind of what I was thinking. My hubby is an artist he always carves my cakes for me!! thanks again for the help.
It's a razorback (Arkansas) with a binky in it's mouth for a baby shower. I would love to charge $175 for it but the market will not support I was thinking about doing a 3 layer sheet cake and carving from there. I was thinking 80-100. About 30 servings need I know that will be way to much cake but I don't know how to make it smaller and still come out looking right.
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