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I bought one last year and used once .. For the job I needed worked great , but is collecting dust now .. And cartridges with different and more intricate designs are so expensive ... I did get it brand new on sale for $99 so anything more then $50 or 60 should be to much.
Woww , your cake looks so nice ! Great work  !
I saw in a different forum post that if you get an extra box of what ever mix you are using and take 1/3 cup of it and add to the mix it should bring your amount to the 18.25 ounces .... Or u can get a small scale as well and weigh the extra till you reach the 18.25 ounces . maybe that helps .
I had same problem, and mine was soooo bad I had to dump whole thing, batter was way to lose. I used pillsbury mix on second try, didn't taste great but I added some pineapple filling and was sort of ok... was the ugliest cake I've ever baked ... I wanted to cry ,thought that 2nd batch had failed as well but after frosting and refrigerating for a bit was edible . Kids loved it )..
You did a great job
QTCakes1, you totally beat me to that reply
I did the same thing before but I used the cookie dough when I made cupcakes I poured some of the cupcake batter inside the liners of course and made a small ball with cookie dough and put it in center and baked tasted fine, was chocolate cookie cupcakes. Just an idea
I read this link to my husband and he said 2 things .. First : Lady must be nuts ,Second: he laughed and sugested I get the lady's info from u when I am mad because I didn't get my cake to the *DOT* how I wanted; I can make her instead something and get my Love for Baking bashed and smashed to a pulp .. I am happy u declined .. it would do u no good taking the task . I as well bake only for family and close friends
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