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It's so nice to know I "wasted" my hard earned money.
Just an idea for you. I recently spent time on the internet looking for some kind of instruction on using the machine, but basically didn't find anything. However, I did order and receive one thing I found. If you look at, they do have an instructional DVD (2 actually) on "Simple Designs Using Cricut Cake" I haven't had time to watch the entire DVD, but I did skim through it quickly, and it appears to be quite a good DVD. They also sell one for...
Oh my. I don't really like any of the changes. How do I post a new picture? I've looked everywhere. Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh!
Years ago I made a cake for my nieces wedding in Ontario when I was living in British Columbia. I took the gumpaste flowers with me, but had the airline put them in the cargo area of the plane. I packed them in a box, and used massive amounts of paper towelling and toilet paper to cushion them. I used the paper towelling to build a pillow in the base of the box. I would them place down one layer of flowers and using toilet paper, support each lower petal by placing the...
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