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Does anyone know where i can find chocolate brown boxes to package my cookies in? I have found light brown but i really want choc. brown.thankstina
thank you both for your great ideas. Its is not due for several weeks but i think i am going to work on it now. See how to work out the kinks if anything happens.again thanks!Tina
I was just wondering if anyone could give me any advice on how i would go about making the red airplane on the baby bedding out of fondant. I guest i have the basic shape but how about attaching the large wing and the two smaller wings on the back? THANKS in advance!Tina
thanks so much for your reply. The information really helped. I have a fellow teacher ordering 2 dozen cupcakes for a 2nd b-day party and i wanted something nice to carry them in.Again thanks !!
has anyone use the big cake couriers? the one that you can carry 36 cupcake in? It doesn't look like there would be enough room between the layers so the cupcakes wouldn't get squished.Anyone used them??thankstina
I was wondering the same thing, but didn't want to rock any kind of boat and it was so nice of them to open up this forum. BUT....... I would LOVE to see a gallery of only cupcakes.
Thanks for yout replies and offers to help. I am not 100% set on my design yet. I have seen several spongebob cakes on here that are a square spongebob that look "simple enough" (yet right) lol. But i also like the idea of a teir cake with an open theme with fondant spongebob and patrick. BUT fondant has not been my friend but tha was when i was trying to make flowers and such. FBC is not gonna happen lol i tried it... on blues clues it turned out OK but not great. This...
I was just wondering if anyone can help me with directions or tips on making Sponge Bob and Patrick figures. Thanks Tina
Hey everyone thanks for your ideas. I ended up using a pumpkin cutter and just doing apple colors with a green leaf on it. Kids loved it and teachers raved about it!! THanks againTina
Is there any such thing??? I am in a huge hurry thanks to last min request from sons teacher for two dozen apple cookies by tomorrow. Is there any icing i can use that would dry in enough time to be able to but in plastic bag by at least tomorrow morning. Thanks so much for any help.thanks tina
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