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I know heat is not on my side here! I'm worried all the way around but, I promised a cake so I have to do something! Thanks I found the recipe and I' going to give that a shot! Thanks!
I just saw the weather for this Saturday 104 degrees in Richfield, NC where my cake will be. My normal recipe has real butter. Anyone care to share an icing recipe that could even sort-of hold up to the heat? The cake will be outdoors of course..LOL! Thank you in advance
Thank you all! I think I'll go the easy way for now and leave the white under the blue and just roll it out thin. And thanks Annabakescakes for the freezing tip. I hadn't thought about that! Happy Fourth of July to you all!!
That is what I was going to do. I hoped that if I made the blue fondant piece thin it would be difficult to tell. Thanks for responding!
Is there an easy way to fit the white fondant and the blue fondant together on this cake? I love the look but I'm fairly new to this and have never used this technique on a cake before.You are wonderful folks on here that share your knowledge! Thank you in advance for your help!
one more page to check out!
go to this page: down to" Ah-Choo" brides. its the first picture that I want you to see. The large orange flower at the top of the bouquet. I just made a cake with this flower and the young girls LOVED it! you could do it in any color you wanted and it would be beautiful!Here is a similar flower that I made.
What is mud cake?
this is excellent news for me. I was just going to ask if I could make my decorations now and freeze them until June 2nd. so, you just wrapped it in clear plastic wrap?
My cream cheese buttercream is to thin, how can I thicken it to hold up under fondant?
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