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Whoo..hooo its on now!! Rooting for you too!!
Thank you SO much for that tip! I will definitely be using this!!
I hate dealing with RED icing! I have colored my icing and it is red, just not a vibrant red that I was looking for. I have used americolor red in my buttercream. What can I do to get it that bright red?
I agree with Jason and docofthedead. She can't deal with it is shes not told about it. Word does spread fast and she deserves the opportunity to put a stop to it.
Well, to me is bad. Its tastes better than store bought but nothing like what is normal for me. That is the recipe I use and its usually smooth as silk. But, I'm guessing I got a hold of some of this 6x instead of 10x like some have been posting about lately.No, if I had had my icing before I would not be happy...guess that answers it doesn't it?!?! Thank you both!!
I know this has been a problem for some lately and I just wasn't thinking about it at the time. I have a cake with butter-cream already on it and its GRITY!!! Its due tomorrow, should I scrap the icing off and make more or leave it?? what would you do? I know, I know I should have tasted it before I iced the cake but I'm diabetic and I was trying to save myself from a diabetic coma..LOL!! thanks
keep us updated!
here is a simple chocolate cake that I did for a male friend. Simple and masculine. This is one of the first cakes that I did so its not totally smooth. the band around the bottom was rolled buttercream.
thats great thank you!
I baked my cakes, covered them in Indydebi’s Crisco-Based Buttercream Icing,then my step-mom's dad died this morning so the party is post-phoned until July 7th. How do I/ can I freeze the two layers, (unstacked) before putting the fondant on or should I put fondant on and then freeze? I have never frozen a cake before so I'm afraid I wont do it right?!?!Thanks for your help!
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