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My problem is I am making candy "jewels" for the cake I have made several batches and they look great when I first pop them out of the molds. However, after several hours they begin to get sticky. It is a little humid here what can I do? ingredients:2 cups granulated sugar2/3 cup light corn syrup¬ĺ cup water I heated it to 300 as recipe stated but each batch has done the same thing earliest ones are loosing their shape now. Anyone had this trouble? what did you do to...
Thanks lrlt2000, I think I am going to at least try the strawberries and blueberries and see what happens before time to do the cake. I don't want any actual fruit in the fondant so I can just take the juice from them and strain out any "meat" left. I'll let you know how that works.
BlakesCakes... great info! I knew there had to be somewhere to get natural colorings from.I do make my own fondant and I have frozen blueberries and strawberries on hand but I wasn't sure about adding the juice to the fondant. You just reminded me that I do have a recipe (somewhere) that has lemon juice in it already so I don't see why it wouldn't work just fine. When I replied before your post wasn't showing for some reason..thanks!!
Attached is the cake that she requested. I do already have a solution if I can't make the colored fondant work. I will just do the top (breast area) in white fondant. and the bottom in pink or blue. I have already talked to her about that and she said that would work just fine. I was just hoping for another option (She is also a friend and I have feed him on many occasions, so I am fine with his allergies.)
I have been asked to do a gender reveal cake but mom's son is allergic to food dyes. is there anything I can use to color FONDANT without food colors? Its a belly cake so it will have to be covered in fondant.The Story: They will have the ultrasound without being told the gender of the baby. The nurse is going to call me and let me know. So, I get to be the only one who knows until they open the cake box at the event!! Yay...I'm so excited!! Thanks for your advice in...
Good for you. I'm willing to bet she had the details worked out with the other baker... I agree that she is stringing you along. I just had to put my foot down with a lady that kept changing the entire cake. It went from a VERY small cake to a pretty large one with a totally different theme. It's tough but I find that normally they conform to what I tell them I need.
I think its a good, solid response to the situation. I live in a small town too, and you're right, you have to address it correctly in order not to make her mad. The discount is a bit much since I feel that she is looking for something for nothing; with 50% off she would then be getting exactly what she was looking for in the first place. Just my thoughts...good luck! Steph
thanks kelleym for those questions. I find myself over doing too. The bride on my golf grooms cake took me FOREVER, then I decided she was to big. Made another one in 20 mins that looked every bit as good as the first one...ugh!! So those questions really will help!
She doesn't like walking? No way would I even consider taking this order! She is awfully demanding and that is trouble from the word go. Especially since she said,; she just doesn't want to!
I don't like Wilton colors. When I first started, BEFORE I found all of you wonderful peeps, (do they use that anymore?!), I was guilty of Wilton color blunders!! But, no more!
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