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      A bride sent me this picture wanting to know if I could do the design that is on the first, third and fifth tiers. She said,  "can you make it look like the presses design on the first and third tiers?"  Does anyone have any idea how to achieve this background look? Is it called, "presses design" ?? I think I could do the swags and other designs with fondant appliques.     Thanks for any help, Stephanie
where is the best place to buy sheet cake boxes and tier cake boxes?  
Oh...great site! I've never been on there're right very similar!!!  
These are definitely not the same but still a flower molds   Global sugar art has...
Thanks! That is exactly what I did and it work out great!!
I have made my black icing and it has turned out nice and black (made it a couple days ahead), My question is how do I keep it from cracking? I know covering a cake in black there is that risk but I want to know if there are any tricks to avoid it. Thanks for your time in advance<<
Thank you for all the replies! I was asked to donate the cupcakes by the people who are putting it on, its a fundraiser so there will be serious runners as well as inexperienced ones. I don't think there will be a problem with them being eaten...LOL!!  I am also doing some muffins and other things as well.  Some will take them home I'm sure and others will eat them on the spot as well as pass altogether. I just want to be sure they aren't smashed if taken home. Sounds...
I am donating cupcakes for the runners of "Race for RARE 5k/10 Mile Trail Race"  here in my town end of this month. These will be for the runners to take as they are leaving.  I want to package them so that the effort won't be wasted.   What do you suggest is the best way to package them. I saw somewhere that  putting them in the 9 oz clear solo cups ( ) then place them in treat...
Thank you both very much. I think I will mark the cake for her. The last time I let someone place figures it looked terrible, (probably just to me Waiver is a definite!!   Thanks again! Stephanie  
I have a 6" cake with 3 fondant figures that will stand on top of the cake. The MOB will be transporting the cake 2 hours away. Two questions:   Should I place the people on the cake or have her do it when she arrives? (they have two skewers for each person) Should I freeze the cake so that she can transport it?   Thank you in advance!
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