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I run my fondant/gumpaste thru my pasta machine, thin it to #2 and I never have to wait for it to dry; the pasta machine does the trick. I immediately cut my letters and they always come right out. I don't even have to use cornstarch or anything. HTH
I made this cake this week and for some reason my butter-cream is cracking. Its no hotter or humid than usual, I did the same things that I always do. I just don't understand why its doing this. Any ideas?       Ingredients 1 stick butter (unsalted) 1 stick butter (salted) 1 cup shortening 2 lb bag of confectioner's sugar 3 teaspoons clear vanilla extract 5-6 tablespoons of milk...
best thing to do is peel it off and smooth your butter-cream again and re-cover
You're exactly right, NEVER EVER if they ask for it. I learned that the hard way!
Hey I understand your problem. I can't advise you on the pricing part as I don't do enough 3D work. However, about getting your name out there, if you don't already know people from your target market contact your local cotillion society and donate a cake to their ball, go to your local country club and donate a cake to one of their big events, that will get your name floating around the right crowd. Then your  pricing them at what you deserve will be much easier when...
Your tiers will still need to sit level after baking. You cut a hole in the top of each tier for the next one it sit on. Here is  a video on what I mean. She doesn't use the pans but the structure is the same  
thank each of you! these are some really pretty ones. I think she likes this one best   I dont think it would be my choice but its not my special day...LOL!! thank you all again!
    I am making this cake for another decorators wedding in a couple of weeks. I can't determine what to use for the swags on the sides on the cake. What I am going to do is use gum paste molds instead of butter-cream.   Do any of you know of a mold that would be similar to this look or any good sites for me to take a look at for molds. I have been searching and searching but haven't found anything that I thought would be close. Thank you so much for your help in...
Thanks all!! Now for a trip to Lowe's...the cake decorators dream place...LOL!!
      A bride sent me this picture wanting to know if I could do the design that is on the first, third and fifth tiers. She said,  "can you make it look like the presses design on the first and third tiers?"  Does anyone have any idea how to achieve this background look? Is it called, "presses design" ?? I think I could do the swags and other designs with fondant appliques.     Thanks for any help, Stephanie
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