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I don't think the airbrushing is the problem.  The only thing I have ever seen over airbrushing cause is drips.  My guess would be gravity.
Usually anything less than 6 inches will do fine without crushing itself. 
No anatomy cakes here.  I did one pregnant belly cake only because it was for a friend and it was what she really wanted. 
I prefer to use chocolate or candy melts.  It hardens much faster than royal.  Start at the bottom and work your way up.
This is the same concept.  Just cut the wax paper the same height as the tier.
I just made this cake a couple of weeks ago by stacking rectangles and carving.  I was concerned that the round part wouldn't hold up, but I had no problems at all.   
I always only use wet towels.  I make sure that they are wet with cold water, and not dripping, but almost.  I also bake at 325.  I get nice flat cakes every time, even with a 10 inch pan.
I also leave it running for some time.  I have never had it turn out bad.
Use a pizza or pastry cutter, smooth clean cut.
I always use plywood, and ask for them to be returned.  So far I have not had to charge a deposit for them and I get them back within a week or two.
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