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Some people use two consistencies, one to outline and one to flood. I use one that's in between for both for the most part. Unless there is fine details or writing, then it needs to be a bit thicker. Sorry I'm not more helpful here. When I first make mine I do add about 1/4 tsp of water at a time to get it to the consistency that I want. Good luck.
Here's another pic of #403 on Amazon. This one says is an Ateco brand. I think that's what mine is. And yes, it's the same basic shape as the 402 just a lot bigger. Look around and you may find better pricing elsewhere. It's the shipping that costs ya.
The 403 is MUCH bigger. I don't know if you can see from this picture on Amazon, I looked up #402 but if you scroll down a bit it also shows the 403. Hope you can view it.
I bought the Wilton 402 from Wilton and then the 403 I had to buy online because Wilton discontinued it. But like I said, I tried both and didn't have luck. Guess you have to have that perfect consistency. If you figure it out....let me know!!!!!
It looks like she's still going here and is close to 500 signatures. If you live in Illinois, please consider signing.
At about the 6:30 mark on this youtube video, she shows this reporter how to make the flower:   On this one, also around the 6:30 mark, you can see the two ladies making the flower on top of one of their cakes:   They make it look so easy don't they? I bought those tips and still have not had any luck.I think they use a swiss meringue buttercream in their shop and they sell it in...
I don't use straight royal icing because like you said, it gets rock hard. I use a recipe over at KarensCookies website called "meringue powder buttercream" which is basically a royal icing with a bit of shortening in it. It may take a little longer to dry, but it gets a nice crust but is still soft to the bite and is stackable. She's got videos on her site showing her making it as well as using it. Good luck.   I have found glycerin at Michaels, Joann Fabrics and Hobby...
Doesn't look like buttercream.
Where is the "bulk cash and carry that specializes in bakery shop type items"? I'm always looking for new places. Thanks.
I was looking through the Walmart ad and saw a section that had Valentine items and there were the cookies. Unfortunately, they were already made and being sold in a package for about $2.98 from their bakery section. I'm not sure the picture you posted was a purchased item or not, but they sure look very similar. Maybe confirm the pic you are looking at was a homemade item, otherwise you will be searching all over. The Chicago Metallic cutters someone previously posted are...
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