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I've used this recipe from KarensCookies site that uses mini chocolate chips and got a pretty smooth surface on the top:   You can definitely use modeling chocolate/candy clay in a silicone mold.   Or, you can do something similar to a royal icing transfer but use your melted chocolate.   Good luck.
I like this recipe over at Woodland Bakery. She also has a video posted showing how she makes them. She is the owner of the bakery that's in Chatham, New Jersey. I like that the recipe uses almond paste. Otherwise you can just google "Italian Butter Spritz" cookies.
MBalaska - Your cupcakes turned out great!!! Was that with the 402 tip? They really look nice. Great job.
MBalaska - have you tried it with a 402 tip? Just wondering if that would work on an average size cupcake. You did a great job on yours. I guess like anything else, it will just take practice. I don't own the video but I do have the 402 and 403 tips that I plan to play around with.
Membership to MyCakeSchool is only $30 for the year and it's well worth it.
I buy it at GFS also. They don't carry it in the store. I had to call and order it, took about two weeks, then I went to pick it up. It's a 50 pound block that comes in a plastic bag that's in a heavy cardboard box. I put some in a small tub that I can keep in a kitchen cabinet and I just keep refilling that. 
Here's lots of good info to read. Be sure to scroll all the way down to see the boatload of things that need to be listed on a label, the types of foods that can be sold and look at the comments section at bottom as well. The law is passed in Illinois, but EACH county must approve it in order to sell in that county. I believe you still need to be registered and have sanitation class.
I agree petit fours are a PITA and by the time you cover the entire little cake, they have so much icing on them and are soso sweet. I don't even like them. I'd much rather do a real cake, cupcakes, or anything else other than petit fours. Just try them once and I think you will agree.   What I have done for sweet tables is to make a sheet pan of either cake or brownies, frost them smooth across the top, cut them into rectangles about 1" x 3", place each one into an...
Thanks for the tip on that book. Sure beats having to drive 7 hours for the class!!!! Again, your cakes are beautiful and your practice has definitely paid off. Thanks again.
jdelectables - Your cake is beautiful. You mentioned that your one cake was after taking two of their classes. I looked online at their classes and it looks like the buttercream technique class is one day for only 1 hour and 15 minutes. Is that what you attended or was there a different one? Plus it says you get recipes. I'm wondering what you got recipes for. I live in Illinois and am wondering if it's worth a trip over there. Thanks so much. Your cakes look beautiful....
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