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Hi all! I was asked to make a cake for our 40th class reunion and our mascot was and Indian. We had an awesome floor length headress that he wore. I'd like to make a cake with a headress flowing down the side. Any ideas or has anyone made a similar cake?
Hello fellow decorators, I got stumped yesterday when one of my regular clients asked for a Christina Aguilera themed birthday cake. I can only think of a genie bottle. Does anyone out there have an idea or two for me? Much appreciated.
I'm looking for a yellow and chocolate recipe that rises to the same height.  I have to make a full sheet cake, 1/2 chocolate and 1/2 yellow.  does anyone have recipes they've used together that they can share with me?
I bought a software called "cake boss".  It makes everything so much easier.  you load your ingredients and supplies, choose how much you want to make per hour and it calculates everything for you.  It pulls your pricing for your ingredients and supplies, calculates the per slice price and boom you have it.  It does everything for you. Add your recipes, keeps track of your orders, EVERYTHING.  It saved me. I was in the same boat as you, always undercharging for my cakes...
thanks for the responses
Hi All!    I have a home based business, that I'm just getting started, should I charge tax on orders?
i just did a tiffany turquoise cake and i used the wilton sky blue coloring paste. i started with just a touch and added a little at a time until i got what i wanted.  with this coloring paste i will darken a little as it dries so go a tad lighter.  hope this helps
great, thank you
is it possible to attach fondant to the side of a cake iced in buttercream?
Hello all!     I apologize for the seemingly elementary questions here today.  I am starting to do wedding cakes and was referred to this site from cake boss for my questions.  I've been doing cakes for quite a while but not wedding cakes.  since I've been out of work i have plenty of time so i decided to branch out.  I've been using cake boss for my pricing but a few questions i have aren't answered there large is the average size piece of wedding cake and...
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