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Spooky_789- thanks! I'll have to try that with a cake I have coming up.
Thanks AnnieCahall!   I guess that might be the best way. I'm not interested in icing with it but just practicing.
I'm looking for a tasty buttercream icing recipe. I don't like Wilton's as it doesn't taste so great- more like it's oily.   Thanks! P.S. It's for practicing my decorations not necessarily for eating.
That might work. I think you're putting in too much batter. I've never seen cakes that far out of a pan before. Try a little less batter as well to see if it continues to fall on the sides.  
I took those classes. I don't remember putting mine in the fridge. It sounds like you have too much moisture- it might be too cold in the fridge and then much warmer in the kitchen. Let it warm up and try to smooth it out with a knife instead of parchment paper. If you have one of those plastic triangle thingies (lol, I'm drawing a blank) use that if it doesn't have to be smooth.
Hi,   As far as I can see, they are cut and then placed on the wax paper. I don't think you'd need crisco but maybe I'm wrong.  
Do you mean The Cookie Cutter Company?
Thanks guy for the ideas! I was thinking along the lines of Annie Cahill does and use several recipes to end up making mine and making my notes, etc. when I'm doing one for my family. There is a baker who isn't around anymore and I love the sound of her recipes (my fil swears by her cakes) and I wanted to use some of those. I might take her recipes and look for updated versions, etc. and make my own. I'm not big on the science part of baking, lol. I'll have to really...
For those living in Georgia- it finally passed. Check out this link: are also on Facebook!
How do y'all make a recipe yours before you use it and sell it to the public? I know it's okay to use a recipe for your family and think nothing of it. My hubby suggested adding, subtracting or altering a small something in the recipe to make it mine before selling it to the public. Thanks!
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