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Hi Everyone,I have made chocolates before using a chocolate mold with filled centers using wilton premade soft fillings. They don't make them any more so I need an idea for the soft centers. I have read that you can use ganache and just use different flavours. Does anyone know if I do use melted chocolate in a chocolate mold, can I use a ganache for a soft center? If I can, how far in advance can I make them? I would like to make them for Christmas gifts but would...
Thank you for responding I appreciate any help!!!
Hi Everyone,I got the e mail a few weeks ago with the turorial on gelatin bubbles. I was wondering how far in advance these can be made and how to store them. Will they get harder the longer they are sitting? Also, can you add a drop of flavor in it so it has a taste you prefer? Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.Thanks so much
thank you so much for your in put I really appreciate it.
Hi Everyone,I want to make my daughter a Cinderella coach cake for her birthday. Just wanted to ask if anyone has made a ball or sphere cake before. I am looking for any info or tips or even the whole process to help me out with this. My son and daughter are only 3 days apart so I usually make two cakes so I don't need it to be a huge cake if that helps with keeping the structure together. Any info is very apprectiated. Thanks so much.
thank you so much for all your help I will definately try the gum paste mold as time is a factor in ordering a mold. thanks again
Hi Everyone,I see a lot of purse cakes with zippers and I wondered how to make one of them. If anyone has any suggestions I'd really like to hear them. Thank you
Thanks for the input I may try that. It is my first time trying a ball cake and I was worried about it keeping shape and thought the added frosting would help but maybe it wouldn't. I may need to practice a little before I need it for my dd birthday. thanks again!!
Hi Everyone,I need to make a fairly large ball shaped cake and I thought of using the cake pop method to help shape the cake. Can I store the cake ball in the freezer for a few weeks like I would a normal cake? Due to a lack of time, I usually bake, form and carve my cakes ahead. Is this ok to do to a cake pop? Any info on this subject would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you so much for replying. I'll let them thaw before I decorate Thanks again
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