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Those are all good ideas. I like the tip about painting in the little hairlines. I was thinking I need to knead something into the fondant, I just wasn't sure what. I was actually thinking about coloring some wafer paper kind of gray and black, letting it dry, and then tearing it into tiny bits and kneading into the fondant. I wonder if I could put the wafer paper into a blender. This cake isn't due until May, so I've got plenty of time to experiment. And I think...
I am making a phoenix and dragon rehearsal dinner cake that is going to be styled after the image I attached. My question is how can I make the fondant on the cake look like the handmade paper with the little flecks and pieces in it? Any thoughts? I hope I attached the image correctly.
Does anyone know the name of the guy that didn't win? I can't remember his name and I want to see if he has a website. I love his cakes, he is incredibly talented.
That's genius, Lee15! Thanks, I'll definitely try that!
That's a good idea, using the end of a tip. I had not thought of that! A mold would definitely be quicker. Thanks!
Has anyone ever made raspberries out of gumpaste or fondant or other edible medium? How should I go about this? It's a fondant covered cake and some berries will be on the sides of the cake. Any ideas are much appreciated, thanks!
I vote for Paper Sugar
I always put my cakes in the freezer, wrapped well in plastic wrap. I usually try to bake early in the week, so the cakes are frozen for a few days. I think they are easier to level and torte when they are frozen. Just be careful about slicing the frozen cake with a sharp serrated knife! I use a cutting glove on my left hand in case the knife slips (which it has before.)
i just love seersucker, it's such a southern thing. I just found out that it's a Kentucky Derby party.Thanks everyone for the ideas. I was actually thinking of doing the stripes on the cake in buttercream and making them squiggly. I hadn't thought of using the fondant, but that's a good idea too. The friend that I'm making it for said she and her husband are both wearing blue seersucker, so I'll do blue. And then she said they were going to be playing bocce, so she...
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