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Thank you for all of the input . . I am feeling much better now about our pricing.We are upstate NY. There are lots of nice restaurants and specialty shoppes. Few cupcake places around selling for about $2.50 (regular size). I have also paid almost $5.00 at one place, but the cupcake was little bigger and frosting to the moon. I see, however that they have kept their prices way high, but the frosting and cupcake has gotten smaller over the months lol.After reading...
I want to order some nice holiday cookie tins for the upcoming season. I have found a few places on line from where to order, but they don't display pricing. 1. Does anyone have any recommendations on where to order smaller amounts of cookie tins? (say 100 - 200).2. What should I expect to pay per tin?Thanks
We have spent months and months preparing, costing out ingredients, time, rent, utilities . . testing and resetting products . . . refining old favorites. Ensuring that every item is made from high quality good ingredients, which, however drives up our cost to make.On October 25th, we open our doors. I want to ensure that our prices are set right from day one. I don't want to jack up prices 3 months out of the gate, nor do I want to lower my prices because I came in too...
I understand fully. And I agree that there are better extracts than others on the market . . . .however . . .That is like saying Orange Juice from concentrate is the same as fresh squeezed Orange Juice. It is not. Both are good for different tastes. For me, it has to be the more real thing . . not the concentrate.
I will try the 'Creamed Coconut" rather than the Coconut Cream and see how it plays out . . . from what I read on that link, it looks promising.I found I can order this right from Amazon too Thanks to everyone for their suggestions . . I will try to post back in a few weeks after I have tested the Creamed Coconut
Agreed that a good quality extract can be decent, and is a natural or real ingredient . . however I have never ever found any extract that delivers the flavor in the way I want. It normally has a taste that a sensitive palette can pick up instantly.I prefer to use the actual fruit, over the extract . . that is just my preference. But, certainly I agree there are better extracts out there. And I make my own extracts for some things . . But I just prefer to use the...
Thank you for the responses! I will go ahead and try it this weekend.
I am trying to make a raspberry buttercream that is not made from artificial flavors. At the same time, I do not want the seeds in the buttercream, as it makes it more likely to have 'pulls' when frosting/basing the cake.Do you think it will be ok, if I make a white buttercream and add a few TBSP of seedless all natural raspberry jam?I prefer to get my tastes from real ingredients, rather than extracts, whenever possible.Thanks
I have never done it . . but I am thinking . . . .If you have a bowl of white buttercream and you throw a few colors into it .. as you mix it it will make streaks and look kinda cool . . then if you spoon it out on top of the cake and spin your cake wheel as you use your spatula to level off the top frosting . it should . . in theory . . . . start to be pulled in circular motions . . . . and look kinda cool ??Dunno . .. just thinking it out in my head lol
I have decided to test freezing the coconut cream, and seeing how it plays out. Maybe there won't be an issue after all.I have also decided to begin making my own extracts . . that way I can still feel good about all natural and high quality ingredients when I bake with extracts. Did some research, and found out it is pretty simple to make them.Thanks everyone
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