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I am making a 4 tier fondant covered square cake next weekend for a big wedding. The bride wants MMF - and I literally hate covering square cakes wih MMF b/c it's not the most elastic... anyway I'm dreading it.   Any advice or recipes on MMF - I use a basic recipe (Mallows, powedered sugar, vanilla, water), but I have never tried to use a recipe with glycerin or gelatin - I hear they make it more elastic?   Any reviews of recipes or advice please?   Thanks!
Wow, thank you! Almost all were negative reviews - so I guess that answers my question!
Has anyone ever tried the bubble gum or cotton candy flavors? Any reviews? I wonder if it would be good in homemade frosting - I don't used canned at all - and how much it would take for about 2.5 lbs of buttercream. Would it make more sense to find a regular extract instead of those pouches for those flavors? It seems so convenient in the grocery store as opposed to tracking down specialty places or ordering online...Any thoughts?
Does anyone have a recipe for a good marshmallow frosting that can be piped high and hold shape without being runny and becoming flat? I want to make some hi-hat cupcakes and need something firm enough that will hold up to being dipped etc. I can't find anything in the recipe section that is specific about the ability to hold shape.Thanks!
Bump... Anyone?
Does anyone know of any cake decorating supply stores that carries creme bouquet - BESIDES cake carousel? Cake Carousel is a little far for me and I was hoping someone else carries it in the area of Frisco/Little Elm/Denton - or off the dallas north tollway area? I hate driving all the way to richardson for it but don't want to online order either. Thanks all!
Does anyone know of any good food coloring brands that the hot pink and black don't make the entire cake taste bitter? It just ruins frosting. I HATE when people ask for black or hot pink cakes b/c then I have to warn them about the bitter "red dye' taste. I asked someone in a local cake supply store and she said she knew of none that didn't have that taste.If not, how does everyone deal with it and do you discourage black and dark pink designs b/c of it?
But I heard once you sign up with them they own your domain name and won't allow you to take it anywhere else...?
I just started a cake business (in Texas, law just passed) and I am having a horrible time with the hosting company I chose and the editing of all of this.Does anyone know of and recommend an easy website builder/hosting that doesn't require html or complicated computer knowledge?Right now I am using Hosting24 and nucleus editor (Both have been nightmarish for me). Please, any suggestions would be so appreciated!
Ok, thank you for the advice!
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